Positive Approaches Group Counseling

Find Your Tribe

I recently attended a couple short overview education events on a treatment form called “Radically Open Dialectical Behavior Therapy,” which I will have to discus more fully in a future post. A foundational element of this treatment, though, has been on my mind lately. That foundational element is the fact, … Read More

Positive Approaches Group Counseling

5 Tips to Ask for Support

The holiday season is full of stress – family members, food, expectations, the list goes on and on. If you are recovering from an eating disorder, battling anxiety or depression, or just feeling the stress of the season, you may need extra support from your loved ones. It’s not easy … Read More

self care

Care for Yourself as You Would for Others

We often care for others very well, but neglect our own care. Self-care is frequently overlooked and is sometimes even shoved aside because it gets labeled as “selfish.” The reality is that self-care is an important part of mental wellness. Daily stress builds over time and if you aren’t caring for … Read More

Boundaries (1)


Healthy boundaries allow for safe, respectful, and caring relationships while protecting you from exploitation, manipulation, and detrimental relationships. Learning to set and maintain healthy boundaries is an important skill that will lead to improved communication and deeper relationships. Boundaries Create Health In my years of counseling, I have noticed that the … Read More