Finding Your Purpose and Passion

Identifying your passions and life’s purpose is the first step toward creating and living a life of contentment and fulfillment. People often go through life chasing happiness. They go through the motions of life, doing what they think is right or what they think they should do, and yet they feel discontent and dissatisfied. 

How Do You Explore and Identify Your Purpose and Passion?

Because this is so unique to you and who you are as an individual, no one can simply hand you the answer. It requires self-exploration and an honest look at your life, your desires, and your values.

What is Purpose and Passion?

 There is sometimes confusion between purpose and passion. We often hear others talk about finding these things, but there is little explanation offered as to what that means or why it’s important. One reason for this is that there may not be a singular definition and explanation, and if you do a quick search, you will find many different thoughts on this matter. To help clarify, my view and explanation of purpose and passion follows. 

Purpose refers to a deep-seated sense of reason. It is why you are on this Earth and the guiding force behind your actions. To find your purpose is to find your true self, separate from the expectations of others and the values or thoughts you have internalized from your childhood or from society. If you can live according to your life’s purpose, you will be at peace with yourself.

 Passion compels your forward and motivates you toward your purpose. You may have many passions. These excite you and bubble to the surface, whether you want them to or not. When you engage in pursuits aligned with your passions, you feel energized. This energy may be an electrifying buzz or a quiet hum, but it is energy nonetheless.

The Role of Purpose and Passion

 The explanation of purpose and passion offered previously hints at the role these things hold in life and in creating contentment and fulfillment. To be content and fulfilled means to be at peace with yourself and your life, and to have meaning.

Your passions motivate you toward your purpose and if you live life according to your purpose, you will be at peace with yourself. Passion will provide your life with excitement and energy, while your purpose will guide your actions and create meaning that allows you to feel content and satisfied. Without these two things, a life of contentment and fulfillment is difficult, if even possible.

 Many of us have preconceived notions about purpose and passion. We believe that these things have to be extreme to be meaningful. For example, some people may think that their purpose has to affect the entire world and result in everyone knowing their name. This is not the case. It does not need to affect the entire world. If it positively affects one person, it is meaningful and significant. That one person might be you. Discovering and living according to your purpose and passion may change your life in ways you never imagined and, if so, chances are that it will also touch others.

 As you explore, it is important to try to let go of expectations and preconceived notions. Honestly explore yourself and what feels right to you, regardless of what your family or friends would think of it. This is just for you. This is a time for you to look within, feel your heart and soul, and connect with yourself on a deeper level.

What’s Next?

Wondering where to go from here? I have an e-book in workbook format that offers questions to prompt your exploration (this is educational only and is not a substitute for counseling). You can find it HERE.

If you need more help than an educational tool, counseling is the perfect place for self-exploration and self-discovery. I am accepting new clients. You can call me at 503-405-9773 or schedule online HERE.

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