Young Adult Support Group

You’ve finished high school, so now what? Maybe you’ve started college or your career, or maybe you’re unsure what to do with your life. Whatever the case, being a young adult is hard. And stressful. Sometimes you just need a place to vent, to feel heard, and to connect to others who get it.

In this group you will…

  • form relationships with others your age who feel similar stress and pressure
  • learn problem-solving strategies to help you discover the path to your future
  • identify and process your thoughts and feelings
  • learn and practice coping skills to address stress, anxiety, mood fluctuations, and other forms of distress

This group will start as soon as 4 participants sign up, and will be capped at 10 group members. Group is facilitated by Licensed Professional Counselor, Alexis Aiger.

For more information or to schedule a brief telephone screening (required prior to signing up), you may also call Alexis Aiger, LPC at 503-404-9773 or email