Adolescent Counseling

The adolescent years can be extremely difficult. These are a time of change, physically, socially, and emotionally. As such, adolescents and their families often struggle to cope with these changes. From school stress to bullying to social and emotional difficulties, adolescents can benefit from counseling as much as adults. Adolescent counseling often focuses on improving self-esteem, relationships, communication, and developing coping and problem-solving skills. An adolescent who has been through counseling may be better equipped to handle the pressures of adolescence and upcoming young adulthood. Additionally, parents can benefit from the expertise and knowledge of a counselor who can take a more objective view of situations and help parents cope with the changes in their child, as much as the counselor helps the adolescent cope with their own stressors.

Positive Approaches, LLC works with adolescents ages 13 and up. Just as with adults, the approach is collaborative and individualized to meet the unique needs of the adolescent and the family unit. Emphasis is placed on helping the adolescent learn new skills, develop a sense of contentment and confidence, and on the involvement of the family unit.

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