Everyone experiences anxiety on one level or another. It actually serves a really important purpose in our lives: it motivates us to action. Think about it, when you were in school and had a test coming up, what motivated you to study? Anxiety about not performing well! When you’re crossing the road and you see a car that doesn’t appear to be slowing down, what motivates you to hurry up and get across the street? Fear (or anxiety) of getting hit by the car. Anxiety, by itself, is not a bad thing. However, for about 40 million American adults, anxiety crosses the line and goes from being helpful to being a problem.

Is Your Anxiety a Problem?

Do you…

  • Have problems relaxing or sleeping because your worried thoughts keep playing over and over in your head?
  • Avoid situations or people because you worry about doing something stupid or embarrassing yourself?
  • Feel anxious, nervous, or on edge nearly every day?
  • Feel restless or “keyed up” more often than not?
  • Become easily irritated or annoyed?
  • Feel afraid that something awful might happen?
  • Have panic attacks?

If any of those things rings true for you, counseling may help. At Positive Approaches, LLC, we utilize cognitive-behavioral therapy, which is a widely accepted form of treatment for anxiety disorders, as well as stress-management techniques and the use of mindfulness to help you reach your goals related to anxiety reduction and management.

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