Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are┬ácomplex and serious illnesses that can be life threatening. Regardless of the type of eating disorder–anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder, unspecified feeding or eating disorder–intense emotions, attitudes, and behaviors often accompany the illness. The recommended form of treatment for an individual struggling with an eating disorder is a combination of psychological counseling, medical attention, and nutritional assessment and support. It is extremely important that you seek and follow the advice of a medical professional due to the possibility of negative physical health effects stemming from the eating disorder. There are several levels of care available for individuals struggling with an eating disorder, including:

  • Medical hospitalization: For stabilization of physical health needs, often due to unstable or low vital signs, electrolyte abnormalities, medical complications from co-occurring medical issues (such as diabetes).
  • Psychiatric hospitalization: For stabilization of severe psychological distress, included but not limited to suicidal thoughts, attempts, or worsening symptoms
  • Residential treatment: For medically stable individuals who are psychologically impaired and unable to make treatment progress without 24/7 support.
  • Partial hospitalization: For medically stable individuals without immediate risk, who still require daily structure and assessment, but can make treatment gains without 24/7 care (this is usually day treatment and can be 6-8 hours per day of treatment, 5-6 days per week).┬áThese individuals may not be able to be ready (psychologically) to function in typical daily situations such as work or school, and engage in daily eating disorder behaviors.
  • Outpatient: For medically stable individuals who do not need daily monitoring and who are managing symptoms well enough to function in typical daily situations, while continuing to make progress in recovery.

Positive Approaches, LLC provides treatment on an outpatient basis for individuals struggling with eating disorders. This level of treatment is recommended only if the individual has been medically cleared and demonstrates an ability to make or maintain progress. It is essential to maintain close contact between your counselor, medical doctor, and nutritionist to ensure quality care and safety.

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