Parenting Issues

Parenting doesn’t come with a handbook. As such, parents face a multitude of challenges as they navigate the often muddy waters of parenting. Setting boundaries, developing healthy communication patterns, and knowing how to address mental health or behavioral issues can all be stressful and overwhelming for parents. Counseling can help parents address their feelings, get support and insight, and strengthen their parenting skills. Additionally, counseling can help parents who find themselves struggling with worry, depression, irritability, anger, or other emotional difficulties. Furthermore, counseling can help parents and family units who are struggling with transitions (such as the transition of a child to adolescence or young adulthood, the transition for parents as their children leave the family home, or transitions related to single parenting).

My passion is helping families that find themselves at a loss for how to help their children, strengthen their family, and regain peace of mind. I work with the whole family, understanding that everyone is an individual but also part of the larger family system. Together, we can find solutions.

At Positive Approaches, LLC, we will work together to identify the areas you would like to work on so that we establish goals in line with your values and needs, and to develop a plan of approach to address those areas. We can provide individual counseling to parents, counseling with both parents, or family counseling that includes parents and children together. Homework will frequently be given in these settings to allow you to practice and implement concepts covered in counseling appointments.

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