Young Adults

When you were younger, maybe your dreamed of being 18 when you could finally do whatever you wanted without having to ask permission. Being a adult seemed amazing to your pre-teen or teenage self. Now that you’re actually an adult though, you can’t help but wonder what the hell you were thinking. This adult thing isn’t all it’s cracked up to be! Sure, you can make your own decisions and you don’t have to answer your parents (for the most part anyway), but there’s all this other crap that comes along with being an adult that totally sucks. And it’s hard!

If you…

  • Feel overwhelmed by everything you “have” to do or are expected to do
  • Are unsure of what you want to do with your life or how to figure shit out
  • Feel depressed or anxious and are unsure of how to be happy
  • Have trouble making or keeping friends
  • Are struggling to feel understood by your family or friends
  • Feel lost and alone

…then counseling might be able to help. You may feel alone but trust me, you aren’t. Being a young adult is freaking hard. There’s expectations for yourself and expectations that others have for you, and you’re “supposed” to¬† figure it all out and know what path to take to make you happy and successful. But there’s no guide book that tells you how to do that so a lot of it is a guessing game and trial and error, which doesn’t feel right or good!

How Counseling Can Help the Young Adult

At Positive Approaches, LLC there are no judgments and no expectation for you to figure shit out without a helping hand. I understand that finding and making a life path is hard, and it’s not clear-cut. We’ll explore the expectations and roles that have been given to you by society, family, and friends, and we’ll unravel it all to discover where you stand.¬†Together, we will work to identify your own personal values and beliefs so you can forge a path forward that is line with your unique self. Along the way, we will address any anxiety and depression as well, giving you tools to cope with your stress so you can connect with yourself and with others.